Science is a demanding, information-rich topic that incorporates logic and mathematical calculations.

While some kids may cruise through science class with relative ease, others may require further scientific assistance and tutoring. The scientific tutoring programmes offered by Superstar Academy provide a personalized approach to learning science.
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Elementary School Science Tutoring

Elementary students understand scientific topics with a customized program that teaches active learning strategies developed by our Science tutors. Primary school students begin to grasp the notion of reasoning.
Transferable learning abilities are embedded right into each child's program so that while kids study science, they also learn how to learn. They begin to learn about how the scientific world works, from space to cells – and all in between.
As a result, regardless of grade level, students acquire better thinking and learning abilities, allowing them to become critical and active thinkers both in and out of the classroom.

High School Science Tutoring

Science becomes increasingly specialized as children become older, including disciplines like physics, biology, and chemistry. A scientific tutor will help ease complex topics such as linear motion, osmosis, momentum, and genetics.
With the aid of a high school science tutor, students will be able to make sense of what they are studying and pick up crucial study skills that they can use in general, such as research, active thinking, planning ability, and self-assurance.
They will receive a customized approach to studying science that focuses on the most attention areas while also improving their learning abilities. As a result, they will increase their grades and gain additional skills that will benefit them in university, college, or even in their job.

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