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Consultation services are required to obtain a better knowledge of your child's requirements as well as your family's objectives. During your appointment, you will meet with a member of our clinical staff to discuss your specific requirements. Following completion, a complete evaluation will be conducted to ensure that the family and clinical team collaborate to develop a treatment plan for your kid that is tailored to his or her specific requirements.

Evidence Based Therapies

To assist our customers in achieving their unique objectives, we employ evidence-based techniques.

  • One to One applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy
  • Academic Training/Support
  • Behavioral Management (self-injurious behaviors (SIB), obsessive behaviors, aggression, non desirable behaviors)
  • Self-help/ day-to-day skills (toileting, dressing, grooming, feeding, etc.)
  • Training in Communication (verbal and non-verbal).
  • Training in Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS).
  • Group Therapies (school readiness, social skills, peer-support)
  • Therapy based on play/Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)
  • Sensory Integration Therapy (SIT) is a type of therapy that involves using your senses (SIT)

Family Services

We think that collaborating with parents and the healthcare team leads to the best outcomes for children's development. We provide assistance to families both at home and in their communities.

  • Coaching for parents
  • Advocacy for schools and IEP assistance
  • Day-care assistance
  • Transition assistance
  • Supportive Care

Occupational Therapy

People of all ages who have physical, sensory, or cognitive problems can benefit from occupational therapy. Occupational therapy can assist individuals in regaining independence in all aspects of their lives. The following are some of the things that occupational therapy may assist a client with:

  • Develop fine motor abilities so kids can grab and release toys and learn to write or use a computer.
  • Develop gross motor skills to aid with running, biking, balancing, and a variety of other physical activities.
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Master basic life skills such as bathing, getting dressed, brushing teeth, and self-feeding.
  • Practice how to handle irritation and anger to learn constructive behaviors and social skills.
  • Obtain specialized equipment to aid in the development of their independence. Wheelchairs, splints, bathing equipment, dressing devices, and communication aids are all examples.

Speech Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy is a form of treatment that concentrates on a child's capacity to speak and comprehend language. Our Speech-Language Pathologists have been educated to use a range of strategies to help children with their speech-language development. We have a large group of expert therapists that collaborate on client objectives. SLP services are available at the facility, online, and at home.

  • Lidcombe Program for Childhood Stuttering.
  • Aufman Technique for Apraxia of Speech.
  • Oral Placement Therapy (OPT) for Speech   Clarity and Feeding
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Hanen Early Language Programs for Parents
  • Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets (PROMPT)
  • Assistive/Adaptive Communication (AAC)

Counselling Services

We provide comprehensive counselling services to children and families that have special needs. All therapies seek to alleviate symptoms associated with mental health issues. Our customers have access to a wonderful team of social workers and psychotherapists who provide cognitive-behavioural therapy. Clients can attend counselling sessions in person, online, or over the phone.

  • Psychological Assessments
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
  • Compassion Based Therapy
  • Behavioral Activation Therapy (BAT)
  • Suicide Prevention