From the age of three until high school, we take complete care of your child's learnings!
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Why Us?

There's usually a reason why your child is having difficulty in school. Whether it's a problem with comprehension, motivation, challenge, or confidence, our leading tutors of Superstar Academy will get to the source of the problem.
Accordingly, by developing a customized learning plan as per the child's needs, our tutors will lead them to become better and more confident students who score better marks and get lasting lessons for life.

Maximize Their Abilities

We don't just ask your child to study and memorize the same old material; instead, we work with them to develop the abilities they need to learn and comprehend truly. As a result, you won't have to waste time and money hiring a tutor year after year with our tutors.
Instead, you'll be giving your child the skills they need to deal with today's school challenges and helping them develop thinking and learning skills that will be useful in this and future grades.

Age 6-12

For kids aged 6 to 12, strong foundations play an essential role that helps in boosting skills for the long run. With Superstar Academy, your youngster will continue to progress and be challenged to achieve if they solve problems with proper guidance and mentoring.
The worksheets can help your child embark on a lifelong reading adventure, where better vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and interpretation can help them succeed in school and beyond.
Tutors at Superstar academy follow a structured, research-based self-learning programme that equips your child and helps them with the critical thinking skills and mentality necessary to study new things on their own.

Age 13+

Superstar academy assist self-learning method helps students acquire important abilities such as evidence processing and evaluation throughout middle and high school. These qualities will aid your child in developing a solid academic portfolio and better preparing for college, university, and a profession.
Your child will be taught cognitive learning skills to better focus on meaningful learning. Our tutors teach students the basics of lifetime learning rather than short learning techniques like memorization and repetition. Your child will discover methods and skills that will assist them in improving their academic performance.
A strong reader succeeds in a variety of academic topics as well as in everyday life. You'll see improvements in reading, a deeper knowledge of content, the ability to establish and support well-thought-out ideas, and more as your child learns challenging literary classics.

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